伊藤 貴之ITOH Takayuki

教授 / 理学部情報科学科Professor / Department of Computer Science

研究分野Research Field

情報学 / Informatics


身の回りの情報をコンピュータの画面で効果的に表示する「情報可視化」の研究に従事。科学技術・社会問題・人間行動・音楽などを対象とした可視化で多くの研究業績を有する。近年では特に、AIの運用を支援するための可視化、文化や芸術の理解や習得を支援する可視化、ジェンダーバイアスをはじめとする社会問題の可視化などに重点的に着手している。Takayuki Ito, is a Professor and the Director of Center for Interdisciplinary AI and Data Science, at Ochanomizu University. He joined IBM Japan, Ltd. in 1992, after receiving a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Waseda University and worked as a researcher at the Tokyo Research Laboratory for 13 years. He obtained a doctorate degree in engineering from Waseda University in 1997. In 2005, he joined the Department of Information Science, Faculty of Science, at Ochanomizu University. He is an associate member of the Science Council of Japan and a member of the Engineering Academy of Japan.
He is engaged in research on “information visualization,” which effectively displays the information that is around us on a computer screen. He has many research achievements in visualization, and these include the fields of science and technology, social issues, human behavior, and music. In recent years, he has given particular focus to the use of visualization to support AI operations and understanding and mastery of culture and the arts through visualization, as well as the visualization of gender bias and other social issues.