石井クンツ 昌子ISHII-KUNTZ Masako


研究分野Research Field

家族社会学 / Family Sociology

ジェンダー社会学 / Gender Studies


お茶の水女子大学理事・副学長(研究・国際交流・男女共同参画担当)、ジェンダード・イノベーション研究所長。カリフォルニア大学リバーサイド校社会学部で20年間教鞭を執り、2006年にお茶の水女子大学に着任。2021年から現職。専門は家族社会学とジェンダー研究で、1980年代初頭から日本、米国、北欧諸国にて父親の家事・育児を含む家庭内性別役割分業について研究を重ね、2012年に全米家族関係学会の国際的な家族社会学研究者へ贈られる「Jan Trost賞」を受賞。日本家族社会学会会長、日本社会学会理事、日本家政学会家族関係部会役員、日本学術会議連携会員、内閣府男女共同参画会議専門委員などを歴任。国際的活動としては、国連家族年の基調講演、国連専門家会議メンバー、全米社会学会や全米家族関係学会等の分科会委員長・委員などがある。Masako Ishii-Kuntz, Ph.D., is Trustee and Vice President of Ochanomizu University in charge of research, international relations and gender equality, and Director of the Institute for Gendered Innovations. Prior to her appointment at Ochanomizu in 2006, she taught sociology at the University of California, Riverside, for 20 years. Her specialties include family sociology and gender studies, and her research focuses on gendered division of housework including men’s childcare in Japan, U.S. and Scandinavian countries. In recognition of her contributions to the international research and teaching of family sociology, she received the 2012 Jan Trost Award from the National Council on Family Relations in the U.S. She was the President of the Japan Society of Family Sociology, and she is currently a board member of the Japan Sociological Society and an associate member of the Japan Science Council. She was a member in the United Nations Expert Group meeting, the Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office’s committee, and various committees of international professional associations including American Sociological Associations.